Restoring Confidence In The Judiciary

Restructuring Of The Board

The Vetting Board recently changed face when new Board Members were sworn in to fill the gap that had been left vacant through the departure of the first three foreign judges of the Commonwealth. The three who had spent well over a year at the Board and who comprised of Justice (RTD) ALBIE SACHS from South Africa; Lady Chief Justice GEORGINA WOOD of Ghana and Justice (RTD) FREDERICK CHOMBA of Zambia were replaced by three new Judges of the Commonwealth. The new faces of the Board who were appointed by the President and sworn in on the 31st of July 2013 are Lady Justice(RTD DCJ) A.E.N.MPAGI-BAHIGEINE from Uganda; Justice (RTD) BARNABAS ALBERT SAMATTA from Tanzania and Justice(RTD) JOSEPH ASUKA NIHAL DE SILVA from Sri-Lanka. The foreign judges are a key legal component of the composition of the Board.