About JMVB

The objective of the board is to vet the suitability of all the Judges and Magistrates who were in office on the effective date of the new constitution of Kenya to continue to serve in accordance with the values and principles set out in Article 10 and 159 of the constitution. It shall operate for one year from the date of operationalization.

Core Values

The core values of the Board will enhance the smooth realization of its mandate. Towards the fulfillment of the Board’s mandate, employees will be guided by the following core values.

Team Work

The Board employees shall be expected to act as a team for the fulfillment of her overall mandate. It will be the responsibility of every employee to render impartial service to all stakeholders and the general public.


At all time, employees shall be expected to uphold high level of integrity. They should be honest, trustworthy, impartial, fair and accountable. Employees will also be expected to exhibit boldness and loyalty in pursuing Board’s mission and objectives.


Employees should respect the administrative chain of command and respect fellow workers employees and should also avoid personalization of issues arising at the workplace. They should be tolerant of different view point each employees shall be expected to stick to their job description unless call upon officially to support other colleagues.

Accountability & Transparency

Employees shall perform what is expected of them and not pass the buck. They should be able to account for their deeds, which must be in conformity with the overall goals of the JMVB. Also employees should be open and transparent in their dealings.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Employees are expected to perform their duties effectively and to respond to issue promptly. In addition they are expected to use the Board’s resources in an efficient manner and at all time ensure prudent management of resources.


Employee shall be committed to observe professional ethics and standards in our operations and relationships with others.