Restoring Confidence In The Judiciary
H. E, Dr. Vincent O’Neill, the Republic of Ireland Ambassador to Kenya, paid a courtesy call to the Board on 29th, January, 2015. He met with the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Sharad Rao at the Board’s offices at Anniversary Towers.  The purpose of this meeting was to familiarize himself with the process of vetting of Judges and Magistrates in Kenya. The Chairman presented the Ambassador with copies of the two published reports; the INTERIM REPORT and the DETERMINATIONS: TRANSCRIPTS OF THE FINDINGS. His Excellency the Ambassador in turn invited the Board through its Chairman for a visit to his country, the Republi [...]
                                      (group photo of Board Members, University staff and Students) As the Board continues with the pilot project of vetting in the counties; currently in Kisumu, we took time to engage with Law students at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus on 17th February, 2015 at the university premises, Nakumatt Mega city. The topic discussed was on the Judges and Magistrates vetting process in Kenya; challenges and lessons learned.  In this well attended session, the chairman of the Board, Mr. Sha [...]
In the spirit of devolution and in respecting the sentiments of the 47 Counties, the Board shall conduct vetting outside Nairobi for the first time. In a statement issued by the Chairman, Sharad Rao, the Board is scheduled to begin this pilot exercise on Monday, 26th January, 2015 in Kisumu county. The Board has summoned Magistrates from the larger Western Kenya region and beyond Kisumu. Contact us for more details.
The Board has today, 23rd January, 2014 delivered its Twelfth Announcement on Determinations on Suitability and request for Review by magistrates at a Press Conference held at the Anniversary Towers offices.  The Board has also commented in details on the effects/implications of the Supreme Court Petition No. 29 of 2014 on the ongoing Judges and Magistrates Vetting process. Download the Twelfth Announcement here {jd_file file==3411}

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UoN, Parklands Campus Speech

Download the speech by the JMVB Chairman, at UoN, Parklands Campus.
Chair's Speech
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Office Directions

Invitation to submit information

The Board is appealing to the public and institutions to participate in the vetting process by submitting any relevant information which may assist in determination of suitability of the Judicial Officers in the three lists below:

List 1
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List 2
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List 3
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