Restoring Confidence In The Judiciary
The Public Procurement Oversight Authority is currently training the staff of JMVB on the public procurement process at Bontana Hotel, Nakuru.  The main objective of this training workshop is to equip all the JMVB staff with the technical know-how on all the acceptable processes involved in public procurement as stipulated in the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005. The workshop will run from 16th -17th October, 2014. Inset: On the left, a group photo of JMVB staff with the Chairman Sharad Rao. On the right, Chairman opening the training workshop officially.Download the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 20 [...]
A selected team of 18 members of the Board led by the Board C.E.O and the HR. officer participated in the Chemusus Dam half marathon held on 20th September 2014. The objective of the marathon was to aid in upgrading a local primary school and also completion of the already established Chemusus dam project. The marathon comprised of several races but majorly was the 10km and the 21km race. Judges and Magistrates vetting board team took part in the 10km race. The marathon was a success and the organizers appreciated the presence and participation of the Board.
The Vetting Board has further to its first training of CSOs and Journalists on the vetting process at Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi, embarked on conducting more of such trainings in other counties. This has seen the Board visit Kisumu Town on 3rd September, 2014 where the training session was held at the Imperial Hotel. The Board has also visited Eldoret Town on the 4th of September where a similar training of journalists and CSO’s was done. The Board is still in the process of conducting more of these trainings. This week see’s the Board visit Nyeri and Nakuru on 11th September, 2014. Other areas the Board hopes to vis [...]
The vetting of Judges and Magistrates Board held its first training/ sensitization breakfast meeting at the Laico Regency Hotel on 26th day of August 2014. The training targeted journalists from various media houses and members of various Civil Society Organizations around Nairobi. The training focused on the Vetting process and the need for the media and CSO’s being major stakeholders in the vetting process understanding the whole vetting experience. The meeting was opened by the Chairperson of the Board who welcomed and expressed his gratitude for those who were in attendance. He briefly highlighted on the workings of [...]

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UoN, Parklands Campus Speech

Download the speech by the JMVB Chairman, at UoN, Parklands Campus.
Chair's Speech
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Office Directions

Invitation to submit information

The Board is appealing to the public and institutions to participate in the vetting process by submitting any relevant information which may assist in determination of suitability of the Judicial Officers in the three lists below:

List 1
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List 2
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List 3
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